Daniel Murillo

Daniel Murillo

Daniel Murillo, MA

Program Director, Riverside

Daniel Murillo is a philanthropist, mentor, community service member, and child advocate. Mr. Murillo quickly began his professional career in leadership throughout the county of San Bernardino and currently has over a decade of experience operating in a leadership capacity within children welfare.

With his expertise, Daniel brings innovative leadership to the team. Mr. Murillo has worked diligently, serving as two-term elected President of the Fontana Council P.T.A. earning him a seat as a 5th District PTA Board Member providing scholarships for students and individuals to further their education, as well as grants for school sites, councils, and districts. He has been instrumental in passing resolutions that promote funding in V.A.P.A. and S.T.E.M.

Daniel continues to focus on the professional development of his staff, serving as the lead facilitator providing training to a workforce of 200 employees. Daniel Murillo has developed, executed, and implemented program policies by streamlining procedures that have created best practices.

He leads all staff in the importance of professional growth by building the bench, recognizes team members and coaches all parties towards success. He exhibits professionalism, leadership, and high expectations with a trajectory of the North Star.