John Henry Scott III

John Henry Scott III

John Henry Scott, III, CSSBB, CMQ/OE

Chief Operations Officer

John Henry is a U.S. Army Veteran, Communicator, Leadership & Engagement Partner, Culture Expert, Global Executive and Entrepreneur.

Over the last 20 years, he has held leadership roles in Science, Quality Management, Operational Excellence, Strategic Engagement, Digital Transformation and Culture Management. His diverse background spans multiple industries in both private and public sectors in over 55 countries.

From 2009 to present, John, along with his wife, led three non-profit organizations serving communities in Boston, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia. In these roles, they led a diverse team providing personal development support, leadership coaching, workplace engagement, community services, and operational excellence partnerships.

Charismatic in his approach, John has a gift mix he has leveraged to inspire global teams on six of the seven continents. This unique ability provides a broad view of the global marketplace allowing him to connect with leaders and team members in a practical manner; resulting in actionable ways to achieve and sustain intended business results.

John is a frequent keynote speaker and facilitator on the subjects of leadership, engagement and culture.