Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching specialties includes:

MarSell Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching Sessions are designed to support individuals by providing specialized social and emotional learning in an intimate setting with an approved, qualified, and trained wellness coach. Each wellness coach diligently works to create a safe space through proven mentoring for the individual(s) to holistically work through presenting problems, themes that are interfering with progression through life, and productivity in their personal and/or work life. Individuals will master how to implement interventions and coping skills to support their overall journey to holistic wellness. Wellness coaching is for those individuals and teams striving to achieve their peak performance in life.
  • Individual Wellness Coaching $100 - $125/50 minutes

    Individual wellness coaching is a supportive guide to help clients set wellness goals, better manage stress, and much more. Inquire today for a specialized plan to optimize your potential.

Other Interactive Wellness Experiences: for individuals and groups

Group Journaling

MarSell Wellness Center assists youth and adults on a variety of capacities in their wellness journey through journaling. We offer Wellness Group Journaling sessions for teens, young adults, adults, (men and women groups), and/or organizations. MarSell Wellness journals are provided at no extra cost to each group. Our most treasured journaling group is the Salt Caves Journaling Group where sessions are hosted at the Salt Cave in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This tranquil experience supports the reduction of anxiety and depression while being surrounded by Himalayan Salt to help ground your thoughts and expressions.

Please contact us at [email protected] for information of specialized journaling groups.

  • Group Session 2-10 clients $1200/60 minutes

    Corporate Group Journaling services

  • Group Session 10-20 clients $1500/60 minutes

    Corporate Group Journaling services